*IMPORTANT* Time Trials Day 2, 6/12

    Hello Stingray Families, 

    We will hold our second sessions of Time Trials today, June 12th. With a couple exceptions, everyone who attended yesterday got all of their times for events they might swim this season. Today, we will try our best to do the same and get all of your swimmer(s)' times before our first meet on Monday, June 18th. That being said, it is highly encouraged that your swimmer(s) attend practice today if they were unable to make it yesterday

    Time Trials are the sole component of our practice today as well, so if your swimmer(s) attended yesterday's session, they do not have to come to practice today. Feel free to email me individually at drummondpoole12@gmail.com if this causes any concern. 

    We had some great swims yesterday and I'm excited to see what's in store for today!

    Go Stingrays, 


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