Friendship Meet TONIGHT vs. Kingspoint (7/9)

    Hello All,

    We will swim at HOME TONIGHT against the Kingspoint Dolphins! Because Kingspoint is a division ahead of us, this is a friendship meet, meaning that it will not count towards our Division IV record. Nonetheless, we should all be looking forward to some competitive swims tonight! All swimmers need to be at their pool by 4:45 pm before warmups at 5:00. Please budget your time accordingly to walk/bike to the pool or to find parking. The meet will begin at 6 pm. Swimmers should wear their team suits, team caps and remember to apply sunscreen. If you do not have a Stingrays cap, wear no cap or a PLAIN cap (no high school teams, no year-round teams). Also make sure you are showing your Stingray pride by wearing Indigo Park apparel (parents and friends, too)!

    Help us remind your swimmers that it is good swimming etiquette to stay in the pool after a race until all the swimmers in the heat are finished. And handshakes and high-fives to the swimmers in the adjacent lanes are great, too! We did a good job of this in the first meet, let's keep it up!

    Puprays: Puprays do NOT swim at this meet unless you have previously cleared it with Coach Drummond or Katy, however, they are encouraged to come cheer on their fellow Stingrays!

    Really excited for this one; Kingspoint is a great team and there are rumors of a parents relay going on towards the end of the meet... 

    Go Stingrays!

    Coach Drummond 

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