Time Trials tomorrow

    Hello Stingrays,

    Great job at time trials tonight! If your child swam today, please do not bring them to practice tomorrow (we will be running time trials for the other swimmers -- they would end up doing the same practice twice). If your child was not at practice, please try to get them to practice tomorrow night so that we can record times for each of their events. 

    We will be entering the times on Swimtopia as a meet so that everyone can see their results and develop goal times for the season. We aim to have the times entered by Friday. Since the results will be published, please do not ask your swimmers for their times in the middle of practice and distract your swimmer (or coaches! It's rather tricky getting times for 6 kids at once).

    Several swimmers have asked about Champs qualifying times so I've included a link to all of the cuts. If the link doesn't work, Google "VPSU swimming" and click on their "Links" tab.

    Go Stingrays!

    Coach Drummond and Coach Katy 

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