Morning Practice Schedule / FIRST MEET TOMORROW! (6/17) @ Village Green

    Hello Stingray Families!

    This email contains a lot of important information about practice and the meet tomorrow, so please read thoroughly.

    Morning practice starts tomorrow! The schedule is as follows: 

    12&Ups: 8:30am-9:45am

    11&Unders: 9:45am-10:45am

    Puprays: 10:45am-11:15am

    You'll notice that this schedule is slightly different from the one online/at the pool. We've decided that it's beneficial to extend the older practice to an hour and fifteen minutes, as we've done in the past. 

    In addition to morning practices, we will have optional evening sessions from 7-8pm Tuesday-Thursday. These practices will contain the same instruction as morning practice, so they're a good way to catch up if you are unable to make it.  

    We will swim at Village Green in Newport News tomorrow, June 17th! Here are directions to their pool (715 Village Green Parkway). All swimmers need to be at the Village Green pool by 5:15 pm before warmups at 5:30 (we have second warmups for away meets). The meet will begin at 6 pm. Please budget your time accordingly to get down to Newport News; Traffic is busy this time of day! Swimmers should wear their team suits, team caps and remember to apply sunscreen. If you do not have a Stingrays cap, wear no cap or a PLAIN cap (no high school teams, no year-round teams). Also make sure you are showing your Stingray pride by wearing Indigo Park apparel (parents and friends, too). Let's rep IP on the road!

    **IMPORTANT** Village Green are one of a handful of teams to do away with timer cards. Instead, all timers will be given a list of the heats and events for their lane. Swimmers should tell the timers their name to ensure that the times align correctly; I will remind everyone of this at practice tomorrow and will write each swimmer's event/heat/lane on their hand so they know when to be behind the blocks. This won't be the protocol for every meet and I know it's confusing, so please bear with us!

    Help us remind your swimmers that it is good swimming etiquette to stay in the pool after a race until all the swimmers in the heat are finished. And handshakes and high-fives to the swimmers in the adjacent lanes are great, too!

    Puprays: Puprays do NOT swim at this meet unless you have previously cleared it with Coach Drummond or Katy, however, they are encouraged to come cheer on their fellow Stingrays!

    Looking forward to our first away meet.. the Stingrays are coming to town!

    Coach Drummond and Coach Katy

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