Waiting on Summer Awards Entries...

    Hi everyone, 

    Please email me if your swimmer is interested in swimming at the Summer Awards Meet next Saturday, July 27th! I have yet to hear from any families despite hearing interest from several swimmers at practice.

    I need to submit entries for the meet no later than Tuesday, July 23rd, so please contact me by then if interested. Like regular season meets, each swimmer can swim up to three events. However, you cannot swim an event in which you've already qualified for the Champs Meet. Let me know in an email what you would like your child to swim, and if unsure, I'm happy to offer suggestions. My email is drummondpoole12@gmail.com. 

    All entry fees will be covered by the pool, so please take advantage of this opportunity to swim against steep competition! 

    I look forward to watching some fast swims at Summer Awards! 

    Go Stingrays! 

    Coach Drummond 

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